Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Boule de Suif's Costume

David Zinn: Costume Designer

It is important that Boule de Suif stand out in a subtle way in terms of costuming. The color undertones on her clothing are slightly more vibrant than the others in the carriage. The choices for the cuts in her clothing were important as well - what parts of her she’s revealing compared to what other people are. What I didn’t want to do was put her in a miniskirt or something ridiculous like that. First of all, she’s a courtesan, she’s not a hooker. She needs a kind of dignity. She’s a little bit of the freak at the party, but there have to be enough similarities to make it believable that she is riding in the same coach with these snobbish people. Her exterior has to be such that she can pass in that society. This is done in the details. She has a few more shiny things than the others. She has a jacket that we’ve cut in a slightly more modern way, like a little denim jacket, so that she seems a little more tarty. Like I said before, these things have to be subliminal messages for the audience. I don’t expect them to notice a lot of these choices consciously.

photos (from left to right):
1. David Zinn’s sketches for Boule de Suif’s costume.
2. David Zinn’s color rendering for Boule’s costume.

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