Tuesday, July 18, 2006


The First Time in Costume

Caroline Worra: Soprano (Boule De Suif)

It is such a wonderful transformation that happens when you put on your costume for the first time. Most of your character work is done internally, but having those outer layers really helps to add the last details. In the first weeks of staging you’re wearing your own clothes and a rehearsal skirt to get a feeling for what it will be like. Once you have the real costume on, everything is different. This has been especially true with this character because I have to wear a fat suit. It became a lot more difficult to climb into the carriage! There’s also a scene where I have to pass food out to people. Bending over to get things out of the basket was much more challenging with all of that padding in front of me. The red-haired wig made a big difference as well. As a redhead, you act very differently than you do when you’re a blonde! We’ve also been very lucky to have so many rehearsals in our costumes. We’re beginning our final week of rehearsal now. At most companies, the last week is when you would first get your costumes, but we’ve been wearing them for most of last week as well. It helps to have that extra time to adjust and really explore the character.

1. Caroline Worra (Boule de Suif) in the costume designed by David Zinn.

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